Iris Mother MaryI’ve been channeling Mother Mary for a while now, during readings and for my own spiritual growth. One morning she woke me up and said, “Get up. I Am ready to speak.”

And so I did. Here is the conversation that morning with Mother Mary.

She stood before me in a rather stern stance and proceeded to say…


Because why would I answer any other question with any other answer.

I can only feel love and share love when it is there. It doesn’t come from me, it comes from all of you. I don’t give you my love. I show you your love. If you do not feel love it’s not because I am not with you. It is because you have not accessed the love that you already have. You can’t receive love from someone. When you love someone, and you love all beings, your own love shines to reflect to them. You don’t receive their love.

This is the problem with today. All of you think someone has to love you before you can love them. Love all. Not just those that love you back or those that you feel love from. All beings feel love but some of you hide it. Or rather don’t know that it is in you, in your soul.

Again, you are Soul. You are love. Love is your soul! Yes! That’s it! Love is your soul. It’s made out of love. It doesn’t feel love or think about love or give you love. It is love. Your soul is love.

How does that feel?

Donna:  Well to be honest, it does feel different. Rather, I don’t have to feel it, I AM it.

MM: That’s it! If you truly are knowing you are Soul and your soul is love, loving all isn’t such a reach anymore. You don’t have to search for the feeling or become love or generate love. It’s already there because you are love.

You are correct when you say that humans made up all the other feelings to remember love. Humans covered up their love, their soul, so that all could remember that love is the only thing that exists.

Your love shined yesterday when you were cleaning. That’s what drove you. Love for your brother and the love for helping. You are beginning to realize that when you embody love, that moves you forward.

Donna: Okay then.  I have to begin to know that even more. My soul is love. I get now how that message the other day began my knowing. My soul vibrates with love because it is love. Love isn’t a feeling. Love isn’t something that grows. It is as expansive as it was the day we arrived here. We covered it up and we pushed it to the side. The love that is our soul. Is that right?

MM: Yes. You can see it more now can’t you?

Donna: Yes. I can. Instead of my feeling my soul and then thinking my soul must feel love for me and others, I now see me as love. In that way, I don’t have to find more love or try to love more, I realize I Am it. I Am love.

MM: Yes. There can be no other way. The way is love because you, as love, walks along the way. And the way becomes love; not because you are picking up love along the way, you are the love that you spread. It’s not a feeling, it is you!

Love isn’t a feeling, it is you. Many will ask, how can I be a feeling? I’m telling you, you aren’t a feeling, you are love. Others have said it, but there hasn’t been the understanding or the knowing. Make it clearer, for yourself and for other loves. Yes, a group of humans are a group of loves. All loves.

Donna: Thank you. I’m glad I woke up today; woke up as love. Another way to say I Love you, is, I see you as love. How can I give someone love that already is love and has enough love as themselves? They don’t need anymore of mine when they access their soul.

MM:  That’s right. When they know they are love, they will need nothing else from the outside world. No other confirmation because their love soul is the only thing they need.

Donna: Wow, that is going to be a struggle for those that think they have to learn to love themselves or are trying to love others more. That’s not the challenge, is it?

MM: Nope, you stop the flow of love when you think of yourself as a human looking for love or spreading the feeling of love. Look within for the soul love that you are and you will need no more, want no more, and feel no more, only love.

Donna: Gotta sit back and see that one. I see it in flashes, but it disappears. But I get it now. Big message huh?

MM:  Yup! Have fun! I see you as love!